Employers: FAQ

As the Employer, what do I have to do?

TransUSA does the majority of the work for you. However, as an employer you do have a few responsibilities:
1. Complete any forms as per TransUSA requirements (Your Sponsor Representative will give you a checklist and all necessary forms when you sign up)
2. If you wish, you may interview pre-screened candidates via phone or Skype. Or, if you prefer, TransUSA can select a suitable applicant for you.
3. Perform an evaluation of the Participant’s job performance, if required.

What is the time frame from interview to arrival?

Typically a company will complete the hiring process 2-3 months before the Participant is needed/due to arrive. This is a huge benefit to companies, as it allows them to plan ahead with the knowledge that their staffing needs are fulfilled.

What if I there is a job performance issue?

This rarely happens, but in the event you have an issue TransUSA offers complete support, which includes mediation and/or transfer to another employer. If the problem cannot be resolved, the employer is under no obligation to keep the Participant on staff.

Where do Participants live?

Housing is the responsibility of the Participant. However, we encourage our Employers to ease the process by offering suggestions for suitable housing in their area. TransUSA also assists Participants in finding housing.

Will I need to withhold taxes?

Our Host Company Manual will provide all the details, but you will have to withhold Federal, State, and Local taxes. You will not be required to withhold Social Security and Federal Unemployment taxes.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us at 1 (415) 834-5886